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Digitalize Your Business with Valam-ERP

Valam -A light weighted ERP software that is customized to the needs  of the MSME sector business .Valam helps client run their business with ease giving them multiple dashboards which throws direct light on to their immediate business needs.

Why Valam for your Organisation?

Better Risk Management
Supply & Demand Forecast
Resource Management
Track Supply Chain & management

Inventory Management for Raw Materials & Finished Products
Lead Management

Purchase Management

Purchasing module is a critical component of any ERP system. It helps take care of the day-to-day operations such as purchase orders, item receipt, inventory management, and production scheduling.

Sales Management

The sales module executes roles of order placements, scheduling, create new items, give quotes and estimates to clienteles, copy and modify existing items, and its shipping, etc. Also, the sales and distribution management takes the duty of creating sales and accomplish the distribution channel for making a profit.

The Reports

So how do you track your business? Of course, by reading reports periodically. And what if we tell you that you can get them anytime anywhere with real time updates?

Lead Management

Prioritize your Leads & Amplify your Vision

 Sales executives can define priority tasks based on a lead’s readiness to turn into a customer. This will broaden the decision making capabilities of managers and allow them to dramatically improve the lead conversion rate.

Key Features

Valam provides a fully-integrated, intuitive platform through which you can analyze, monitor and
conduct data-driven tasks.

Backend Integration

ERP automates tedious tasks, including Create requests, order entry, Approval, accounting, invoicing, reporting and more.

Business Process Automation

Gain insight into your resources’ domain allocations and their expertise in various sectors.

Data Analytics

Valam includes customizable dashboards, , pie charts, bar graphs and other visual representations to enrich user experience


Valam manages own CRM which provides better customer connectivity

Customer Relationship Management

Real time tracking of request, orders and Total payable/ Receivable invoices helps in data driven decisions.

Tracking and Visibility​

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