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Your gateway to exploring your roots and keeping in touch with family effortlessly, all with a simple tap. is a unique blend of family tree and social media application. It helps the users to track and connect with their family members, trace their roots and preserve their family culture. 

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Better Risk Management
Supply & Demand Forecast
Resource Management
Track Supply Chain & management

Inventory Management for Raw Materials & Finished Products
Lead Management

Track Places

Utilizing details like job history, graduations, birthplace, and place of passing, users can trace the locations of their family members.

This information serves as a valuable resource when a member intends to relocate, allowing them to connect with a family member in the new city or country rather than seeking out unfamiliar individuals.


Interact with your family members who share your interests and passion.

Family members can also share their social links through the application.

Duplication of Data

The conventional Family tree app does not have any way to reduce the duplication of data, but app avoids duplication, if a user already exists in the Application, then the user can search and view the member details.

Upload media files

You can share significant moments with family members securely.

Before viewing, all media undergoes validation to filter out any inappropriate content.

You can also store and share rare ancestral media exclusively among family members.

Key Information

The Application for is a platform designed to facilitate the creation & management of family trees, allowing users to create multiple families digitally. Users can input key information like personal details, birthplaces, relationships, Education details, and medical histories. They can also upload key achievements/ indelible moments (anniversary, Memorial Day, Graduation Day), and media files (photos and videos) in the application. The user can enhance their family tree profiles and invite other family members. The application will provide a user-friendly interface, collaborative features, dashboard & generation of reports. The application helps individuals and families to preserve and share their rich histories, foster a deeper understanding of their roots, strengthen the family bond, and leave behind legacies. 

View tree​

Users have access to a visual representation of their family tree, a particularly beneficial tool for educating children about their relatives and ancestors.

Various viewing options such as the pedigree chart, bowtie chart, hourglass chart, descendant chart, fan chart, among others, offer different perspectives of the family lineage.

Key Features

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Add Members

Family members are the building blocks for the family tree, the users can add family members and send invite code to join the family tree. The user can communicate with the family members via email. 

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Tree Chart

The users can view their family members in a graphical view. The app allows users to view the family members in different views: Pedigree Chart, Family tree Chart, Descendants Chart, Hourglass Chart, Bow tie Chart, Fan Chart, and Relationship Chart. 

data analytics
Medical History

The users can view their ancestors and family member medical history provided they have given permission to view their medical history. By using the ancestor’s medical history, the users can predict their disorders and plan their lifestyle accordingly. 


Valam includes customizable dashboards, , pie charts, bar graphs and other visual representations to enrich user experience

Customer Relationship Management

Valam manages own CRM which provides better customer connectivity

Tracking and Visibility

Real time tracking of request, orders and Total payable/ Receivable invoices helps in data driven decisions.

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